About us

The Georgia Association of Jungian Analysts is a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology, which establishes and maintains standards of Jungian analytic training and practice worldwide.

The desire of local analysts for community and a forum for professional discussion led to the formation of the Georgia Association. Informal gatherings began in 1993 and became more structured as additional analysts joined the group. By 1998 it had gained cohesion and a sense of purpose and was recognized as an official society by the International Association.

The Georgia Association is devoted to promoting study and research related to the psychology of C.G. Jung. Members have completed analytic training in a program accredited by the International Association and have undergone personal analysis. In addition to their analytic practices, they offer information and education about Analytical Psychology to mental health professionals and to the general public.

Jungian analysis

Jungian analysis is a psychoanalytic process developed by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and one of the pioneers of modern depth psychology.

Like other mental health disciplines, Jungian analysis seeks to help people with their personal problems. But through its unique symbolic approach, it also fosters an appreciation of the reality and richness of the soul. By various means, often including exploration of dreams and the practice of active imagination, Jungian analysis facilitates a dialogue between ego consciousness and unconscious psychic contents with the aim of furthering individuation.

"The individual soul is the vessel of life, and the thing of greatest importance." - C.G. Jung