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Massimilla M. Harris, Ph.D.
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Massimilla Harris earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Patavina University in Padova, Italy and her diploma in Analytical Psychology from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.  She is also a certified Solisten provider which uses the Tomatis method of sound therapy to stimulate additional healing and growth through our bodies.  Massimilla is an author, lecturer and practices in Asheville, N.C.  You may learn more about her at and

 Articles & Audio

  1. October 2011: Facing the Death Mother: A Guide for Healing Our Feminine Selves and Moving from Paralysis to Full Vitality and Creativity.
"The individual soul is the vessel of life, and the thing of greatest importance." - C.G. Jung


Like Gold Through Fire: Understanding the Transforming Power of Suffering
Author: Massimilla M. Harris and Bud Harris
Fisher King Press, 2009

Like Gold Through Fire helps readers fathom the mystery of their own heart and guides them through life s labyrinth toward fulfillment and joy. It emphasizes the transforming power of suffering, how it can change us and open our hearts to compassion and joy, and in turn provide for a more rewarding life filled with a wider range of experiences. Like Gold Through Fire helps us to find meaning and to function in a society filled with suffering how to participate in the transformation, as opposed to being a victim of our rapidly changing world.

Like Gold Through Fire is a touchstone for every heart that is seeking its way through life's labyrinth into fulfillment and dares us to revise how we think of suffering, transformation, and Joy. Life is full of challenges and everyone is born to face them. These challenges come in many different forms, and along the way we experience emotional sufferings, work problems, family crisis, and the like. Most importantly, these challenges are all part of the quest for finding the deeper meaning of our lives, and people must overcome them all with their hearts and minds intact.

Like Gold Through Fire is a guide that helps readers fathom the mystery of their own heart. It emphasizes the transforming power of the many types of suffering, how suffering can change us and open our hearts to compassion and joy, and expose our personalities to a wider range of experiences.

This publication will help people learn how to survive in a society filled with suffering, how to be part of change (instead of being a victim of it). Touching and educational, Like Gold Through Fire helps readers understand their lives better, heal wounded places, look at illness in a new way and go on to live enriched lives.

The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship
Author: Bud Harris and Massimilla M. Harris
Fisher King Press, 2010

Millions of books on relationships have been printed in the last ten years. Why do we need another one? We need The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship for the same reasons that over four and a half million readers wanted Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese in a market that already had over 12,000 titles in print on the subject of change. Following Johnson's methods of teaching to a broad, modern audience, our book presents the profound principles that form a loving relationship in an easily accessible manner. Using a deceptively simple approach, it will help people shift their attitudes and give them the skills to create a loving, long-lasting partnership.
There are so many titles in print on change because it is an ongoing challenge for most of us. So are relationships. With more than six decades of experience working with couples, we knew we had vital information, lessons, and insights to share, but we insisted that the book be short, engaging, and easy to read. A helpful book does not have to be dense to be packed with wisdom, skills, and ideas that can open the door to a new era of fulfilling relationships.

We have brought complex material and common sense into a format that is carefully constructed to achieve results by being communicative and consistent, enjoyable and hopeful. Unlike the textbook appearance of most self-help books that include psychological jargon, case examples and exercises, The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship uses stories and dialogue to teach profound insights and valuable skills. It sticks to people talking in a way the reader can identify with and understand. It brings hope because the reader who is experiencing stress in a relationship can see that other people, like them, are, too. And, that learning a few basic skills can bring lasting change and renew love.

The best news is that our book will be useful to many people because it will give them a new way to look at their relationship and the skills to handle problem after problem in a way that builds love and trust. Our mission is to appeal strongly to those who are considering a relationship, seeking to renew one, or are looking for a way to understand a partner and a process for dealing with problems in love, romance, sex, intimacy and living together.